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Bellows / Machine protection

Butraco is the agent for ‘Wema Machinenschutz Elemente’ for the Benelux region. Wema is one of a limited number of German manufacturers of folding bellows, machine back walls, telescopic covers etc.,  and supply an extensive range of products to protect the moving parts on machines or to ensure a safe working environment. These products are always made to specification.

Examples of such products are the flexible part in a box camera, or the rubber hose around the steering rack of a car. Products for industrial applications are the covers to protecting the linear guides on milling machines against ingress of dirt, or swarf, or on water jet cutting machines to protect the guides against the water/dirt mixture. This extends the longevity of the equipment. These products are also used to enhance the safe operation of equipment ( e.g. a bellow for a scissor lift to protect against pinching or the gathering of dirt).

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